Superior Safety Performance

Our linings applications for tank sealing and other equipment are engineered for lasting performance to ensure your materials and assets are protected from hazardous conditions such as harsh chemicals, weather elements, or continual use to reduce replacement and repair. Linings are applied to a fully cleaned, well-prepped surface to increase lifespan and protect against the weather and elemental hazards.

RSR understands the importance of your materials and equipment being in the best condition and ready for use. Always be in the know about your project with our TruQC technology with daily real-time updates, detailed notes, and pictures from the project manager. Have peace of mind that we’re taking care of your materials as if they were our very own.

We provide protective linings applications for the following uses:

  • Chemicals and Abrasion Control
  • Aggressive Immersion Service
  • Internal Pipe Liners

Leading the industry to the highest standard of excellence.